About Us

“No Law or Ordinance is mightier than understanding.......”

Legal System in India being stalling and prolonged, for a protracted time I had been thinking of creating such a component in the heart of the City of Joy which can bring a revolution into the Legal edifice of this Country. After educating from a Convent, subsequently, I specialized in Finance, Banking and Law. But these qualifications never changed my vision to metamorphose the Legal approach which forms the pedestal of evolution in a realm.

With my inert thoughts, I happened to traverse my ideas with Smt. Ananya Das, Learned Advocate, my kin, practicing in the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta for last 15 years and her spouse Sri Subhabrata Das, also an aspiring Advocate of the Hon’ble High Court and I eventually convened both of them to inculcate my paradigm of creating a Law Firm, which would depict accurate and expeditious Legal remedies. I commenced to learn from Subho (Subhabrata Das), his youthful days have passed in the cradle of an Advocate’s Chamber, who is his illustrious father Sri Mrinal Kanti Das, a Senior Advocate, presently practicing in the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta, for more than 4 decades. Sri Das had his genesis from the Chamber of the famous Senior Advocate, Sri Sakti Nath Mukherjee.

My visualization of reverie was precisely manifested in the desire of Subho. Again I insisted in conversing with Ananya about my objectives. Ananya is the only daughter of Justice Gora Chand De, Former Justice of the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta. Since a toddler Ananya had a background in Law for which she completed her Legal studies to fulfil her dreams to be an Advocate. She also graduated in Journalism and Mass Communications, accomplished her 3 years Degree in Japanese Language, bringing several awards and pride to this Country. For a stretched time she had been a social worker with Mother Teresa and Sister Cyril of Loreto Day School, Sealdah, even procured an Award from USA for her immense contribution to child welfare. She infused into this Legal profession as a piece of an advice from her luminous father but her inventiveness has rendered many new attempts to accelerate the Legal procedure by honest, judicious and accurate attempts presently prevailing in this regime. She is consecrated with the inspiration of some most eminent Ministers, Judges, Governor (Names withheld for confidentiality) and other renowned luminary of this Nation.

As I look into the life of these two aspiring Advocates, their works, recent reported Judgments and all those associated with them, both in India and abroad, I anticipate triumph and fulfilment of my delusion.

Managing Partner,

Sourajeet Ghosh

The Midas Touché.